The Braxton Sisters Shade Kordell Stewart + Tamar Talks About Mom’s Dating & Sex Life


The Braxton Family Values’ stars, Tamar, Trina, Tracy, Towanda, and Momma Evelyn Braxton sat down to spill tea today, on The Bethenny Show. The girls gave it to us straight with no chasers (which can be a little much for daytime tv). Tamar is always so over the top and loud.


When Bethenny asked Towanda Braxton about her alleged relationship with Porsha (Stewart) William’s ex husband, Kordell Stewart, Tamar showed her A**! She was adamant about the fact that she doesn’t consider Kordell a catch because of how he was portrayed on Real Housewives of Atlanta.



The girls also had a strong opinion regarding their mother’s dating life. They clearly are ready for their mom to start dating. The Braxton sisters say they prefer a tall man that walks like Denzel Washington for their mother.

Tamar went on to talk about her mom’s sex life. This was a little weird to me. Tamar basically explained how her Mom puts it down in bed a little too well; that’s why she had a stalker. Ev, stepped in and shut that ignorant mess down. Tamar knew she was trying it….Evelyn should have slapped her..

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