The #BeyHive Attacks Ciara For Shading Beyonce’s ‘Partition’ Video


Ciara may be pregnant but she’s still a target for Beyonce’s crazy fans. Ciara was recently attacked by the #Beyhive for throwing subliminal shade at Beyonce (their leader).

Here is the tea. Ciara uploaded the below photo to her Instagram, soon after Beyonce released the visuals for ‘Partition’. In the video Beyonce is dressed scantily clad, dancing in cage with bendable bars, with animal print lighting beaming on her silhouette. Ciara had a scene similar to this in her 2009 ‘Love Sex Magic’ video.



Bey is known for copying people’s style. Can’t say for sure if she was biting Ciara. Honestly dancing behind bars like a stripper isn’t anything phenomenal or anything worth stealing. Clearly Ciara wants folks to know she did it before Bey.





Sex Love Magic:



Do you think Ciara was throwing shade or is the #BeyHive just delusional.