That’s Just My Baby Daddy – Drama Conitues Between Eva Marcille & Kevin McCall

Question of the day: Why are all these black men in the media for abusing their significant others? A few months ago it was being reported that Eva Marcille and Kevin McCall where involved in a domestic

eva-marcille-pigford-kevin-mccall-abused-pictures-2014-impeccableimperfections-ciera-chantaldispute shortly after she gave birth to baby girl Marley. Allegedly Kevin was mad af and went on one of Columbus Short’s rampages.

According to TMZ:

Eva obtained a restraining order against ex-BF Kevin McCall last month after he allegedly went on a rampage in their home, kicking down doors and trying to snatch their daughter from Eva’s arms.

The restraining order barred Kevin from coming within 100 yards of them, but now Eva has been given full custody of their daughter … and Kevin has been denied ANY visitation … at least until a hearing next month.

Eva’s rep tells us, “It is unfortunate that life has thrown a curve Into Eva’s life but as a responsible parent and adult she’s taking steps to ensure the safety and well-being of their child and herself.”



  • MrsGrapevine
    It’s crazy what you will put up with, when you don’t have a child. But don’t underestimate a mother’s love. Women will go psycho over their kids.
  • The lesson here is, don’t have kids with people you don’t really know. Babies make relationships weaker, not stronger.
  • That’s so sad, and now a baby is born
  • This is just bad as hell yo. I really do not know what to say.
  • they really seemed like a good couple but for some reason, eva gives the impression like she could be a handful to deal with