Tea On Real Housewives of Atlanta 3 Part Reunion Show


I am glad that Real Housewives of Atlanta is finally over. These ladies made me exhausted, with all their drama and nonsense. The reunion shows were a mess, like the entire season. All the girls are shade queens, and some of the husbands are too. I’ve listed a few things I’ve learned from watching all three parts of the reunion show.

Number One: Porsha Williams is a firecracker. Light her up, sit back and watch the explosion. I personally feel as though she was repeatedly bullied by Kenya Moore. Kenya thought she knew who she could play with,  but Porsha showed her that she was clearly not the one. Kenya said once “Don’t come for me unless I send for you.”



She sent for Porsha and Porsha came for her and delivered a check that her ass couldn’t cash.




Number Two: Who did Nene‘s hair & why?

Number Three: Nene is really a mean girl. A lot of people are saying they hate her. I don’t hate her, I am just embarrassed for her. She’s so hateful, her heart has really turned black. I don’t know what happened to her but she is so arrogant, it’s ridiculous. Her attitude is not pleasant at all. Even though she got Kenya together, she didn’t do it the correct way.

Number Four: Cynthia Bailey is cute but she’s a wimp. It’s sad that her friendship is over with Nene, but let’s face facts, is Nene really anyone’s friend? Nene is all about self, if you’re not her puppet, she’s not trying to deal with you. Cynthia is naive. After all the trash talking they both did on this season of the show, it’s clear that their “friendship” has been over.



Number Five: The devil in red, oppps I mean Kenya Moore is a real evil b*tch. I can’t stand how she was agonizing Porsha and then wanted to turn around and play the victim. Baby you can’t do both, with your all my life I had to fight…looking a$$!




Number Six: Mama Joyce was a little too sauced up. Kandi claims her Mother doesn’t drink. Um, ok…Well either Joyce was on that good kush and alcohol or she was high on prescription pills *allegedly.* Something was wrong with her and that wig.

One thing for sure is you better not come for Mama Joyce. Kandi does not play that. She went in on  Nene for her disrespectful comments towards her mom.


Number Seven: Apollo is a stunt queen. I gagged so many times. It is clear that he has smashed Kenya or either he let her give him oral sex. Something sexual and inappropriate went down.

Number Eight: Phaedra Parks is the shadiest of them on. She got Kenya together & I loved it.

“She’s talking about MY HUSBAND, but [Kenya] spends her weekends, peddling through SPERMBANKS, looking through catalogs trying to find a donor. Honey you don’t know if your babys daddy will be an axe murderer or a child molester. All you will know is that he needed $10 to get him a medium sized pizza, so he ejaculated in a cup so that you can have a KID.”

Video Source: http://calvinblanco.com/

  • PHAEDRA’S READ…. the best read I’ve ever heard in my LIFE! lol.
    I’m convinced Porsha is getting kicked off cos I heard Sheree is coming back
  • HollywoodHiccups
    Real housewives of Atlanta was so crazy!
  • These women. SMH.
  • Nene’s beauty team must have been worked to death creating this look. Waste of lives.
  • twanatells
    Mama Joyce definitely had her some brown liquor before the reunion show
  • MrsGrapevine
    Love NeNe!!! She’s not a mean girl, she knows most of these women are users, including innocent Cynthia. She’a arrogant at every reunion, and of course she’s mean, she’s been doing this since the beginning. LOL at “FunkBox”, LOL at “$20,000 check”… Let’s see Kenya twirl $20,000 for charity…
  • This show is just off the chain, I may have to cover the entire show next season.
  • Word is that the finale episode got 4.3 million viewers — this show stays winning LOL
    • MrsGrapevine
      Yes it does, thanks to mean arrogant NeNe…love NeNe on this show.
  • They are all messy to a certain point…
  • Y@zmar
    Nene is a self serving, 8ft bully who likes to control everyone around her. She feels threatened by Kenya and any other woman who doesn’t bow down
    • I agree! I don’t get people stanning for her. And the fact she feels threatened by Kenya shows just how weak Nene is.