Tattoo My Name So I Know It’s Real | Future & Blac Chyna



How far would you go to prove your love for your man? I personally do not like the idea of getting a person name you’re dating  tattooed anywhere on your body, let alone a place that is visible (like your hand).  Let’s face it tattoos are permanent – unlike our feelings and emotions.
Blac Chyna was very quick to jump on social media to show off her tattoo of rumored new boo’s name “Future.” I think that this is a publicity stunt. Blac Chyna was spotted at one of Future’s video shoots. Maybe she will be playing Future’s love interest. Either way the tattoo got the internet buzzing.


The tattoo situation makes me think of the movie Baby Boy. Remember when Yvette, played by Taraji P. Henson flashed her tattoo of Jody’s name to Jody’s other baby momma. Yvette showed the tattoo like it made her somehow win over the other woman. Funny thing is a tattoo means nothing and Jody was still having sex with other women. This movie scene can be relatable to real life situations.


If Future and Blac Chyna really are dating and she really did get his named tatted…..just pray for her.