Tameka ‘Tiny’ Harris Releases New Music Driven By Toxic Relationship With TI



Tameka ‘Tiny’ Harris has decided to release a song called “WTFYGD What The F* You Gon’ Do?

I am not going to rant and rave and be all thrilled about this song, because I am simply not that into it. Tiny’s sound is definitely reminiscent of that 90s flare, she had back in her Xscape days. This song is only half exciting because she is expressing her feelings towards her relationship with her husband, TI.

Ladies you have to learn, when you riding for a man you have to be sure he riding with you and not just riding with you until ya’ll make it to a stop at then he jumping in the car with the next beech! You hold it down for a dude in prison but what man do you know in real life, that would be faithful, loyal, and honest to his woman while she is in jail? I’ll wait….

Tiny is definitely getting the picture. She has taught TI a lesson. TI has put out a few songs that were thought provoking on their relationship as well. These two need to grow up and handle their Family Business, in counseling rather than in the media! It’s entertaining, but damn Gina. Tiny sing’s “You know he want it anyway.” Is she talking about Floyd Mayweather, or nah?

Go ‘head on Tiny, sing your song, talk your sh*t, look cute in the video, cry and sit there and stay with TI cause we all know you not going anywhere girl. Cute, tho…real cute.


  • Interesting – nice to hear the Xscape vocals, but sounds like she’s singing to TIP.
  • Curious, did she pay one of her sons to be the cameraman for the day?

    Good luck to her and TI, cause I wouldn’t want either of them.

  • Nice to hear Tiny singing again, but i’m not so sure about the single! Love hearing that Xscape tone, but not really feeling the music-