Tamar Braxton Tells All In Exclusive Interview


We all know that Tamar Braxton doesn’t have a filter. The singer says what’s on her mind, that’s why I love her, although she gets on my nerves when she back tracts and plays the victim role. Her mouth often times gets her in a lot of trouble. In a recent interview with TwanaTells.com Tamar revealed a lot, from how she deals with “Haters” on twitter, to the Miley Cyrus VMA performance and Beyonce’s new hair cut.


Tamar On certain people coming for her on twitter:

Well it’s a lot of people on twitter that I haven’t even met so I treat them just like the regular twitter people who is not in the public eye, I block you! And some of them been block for over a year now.

On Miley Cyrus performance at the VMA’s

Miley Cyrus to me is trying to figure it out and we are going to keep her at the top of the prayer list. Although I do think she can sing her face off, she can really really sing.

On Beyonce’s chopping off her hair:

Beyonce’s hair cut I thought it was so brave of her because I could never do that. I am a weave, wig fanatic. But see how my girl put it right back in, I feel her on that. It was cute for 24hrs boo but let me put this back in! But I love that she just showed her true self and she’s not afraid, that takes guts. Big ups to you Bey.

I just feel like sometime you have to better yourself and when people have given up on you, you don’t give up on yourself. Because at the end of the day you are all you have.


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