Tamar Braxton Receives Motherhood Advice From Her Sisters


Traci Towanda Tamar Trina Mom

Traci Towanda Tamar Trina Mom

Tamar Braxton is expecting her first child with husband Vince Herbert. The ‘Love & War’ singer may not have to read ‘What To Expect When You’re Expecting’ because she has a herd of sisters, that’s been through the entire pregnancy journey.

Tay Tay’s sisters won’t let her go out like Kim K. at the Met Gala, but that’s neither her nor there. Tamar spoke with Essenc and revealed that her big sister Toni Braxton had a lot of advice of the do’s and don’ts or pregnancy.

Toni Braxton is the number one person. She wants me to wear flats. She’s going to have a fit about these shoes right now.”

 “I’ve given her so much advice that I think I should shut up now. It’s overload, probably too much for her. Buy good bras so your boobies don’t sag! You can always buy some new ones, but in the meanwhile get some really good bras.”

Towanda made it a point that Tamar may be in for quite the awakening, as “history always repeat itself. First, she needs to apologize to all of her sisters for giving us a hard time. Two, she just needs to take a lot of pictures and have fun.”

Traci was confident in Tamar’s maternal skills, though the two have had their fair share of differences during the new season of “Braxton Family Values”.

“Just continue to be the woman that she is and everything will follow through. She is a very great and loving person and it will always follow through. Just always keep your children first.”

As for “wild child” sister, Trina, the more “open-minded” member of the bunch, explained,“every baby is different, every pregnancy is different and every mother is different. Babies, they aren’t babies for too long. They are given to us for a short period of time before they are grown up so just enjoy them being babies.”