Tae Heckard Moves On From Nelly & Ends Up Dating Teyana Taylors EX-FIANCÉ



Lashontae Heckard is rumored to be a known side piece. They say (and by they I mean Ashant’s sister)  Lil’ Tae Tae was crushing on Nelly and being super thirsty while he was still involved with Ashanti. Now Tae Tae has her sight set on Teyana Taylor‘s ex-fiancè, Brandon Jennings. Apparently Brandon Jennings is a successful 24 year old, NBA player.

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Teyana Taylor’s friend decided to blast Tae for dating Brandon, allegedly. Peep the instagram blast below:




Brandon is clearly smitten over Tae, he took to his Instagram to subliminally post about Tae.

We don’t wanna hide no more…

I want them to know, that ur my ladyyyy

Deep down you already know the truth

She love the boy, do anything for the boy, cook & clean for the boy, catch that flight for the boy, 2 braids for the boy, dance for the boy, make love to the boy, she wear cartier & Rolex for the boy, she on vacation with the BOY… Ahhhhhh 

Tae seems pretty happy. Maybe she can get this one to put a ring on it. I think she’s ready to sit down be a wife and maybe pop out some babies. I think she wants to get pregnant. Maybe she can be added to the latest Basketball Wive’s franchise. I hope Teyana isn’t mad….


[Photo Cred: Bossip – Instagram][Source N.B.]