T.I. Puts Tiny On Blast For Showing Too Much On Instagram


One of my favorite celebrity couples, T.I. and Tiny are still having problems within their marriage. A few weeks ago the couple got into some type of spat that left people wondering if they were headed for divorce. Since the public argument blew over, Tiny has been extremely active on her Instagram page. She has been posting pictures of herself in bathing suits, showing off her figure. She also posted a few booty pictures (showcasing her butt shots). We all know that Tip is controlling. Remember how controlling and possessive he was, with Tiny on her first reality show “Tiny & Toya”?

Tiny uploaded the below picture. T.I. clearly didn’t appreciate the fact that she’s revealing her waist and butt.


Here’s what T.I. had to say:


Tiny responded:


They need to get it together. I don’t know why these grown people feel the need to show out on social networks. They should handle their personal business behind closed doors. A part of me thinks they are doing this only to stir up some drama for their reality show (why else would they act a fool on the internet).


  • Yazmar
    Both of these twerps need to get off social media
  • cottenkandi
    Ha! He checked her so politely though. Too funny
  • KiaSoto
    she was showing off but she is probably just trying to feel some attention
  • I love the way he chin checked her on the low though lol
  • she’s 40 and acting like she’s 20. she needs to get off instagram and do something for a change other than spend t.i’s money. lol
  • twanatells
    He should have put on her azz on blast…