Sparkle Covers ‘Dirty Laundry’ & Reveals R. Kelly Ruined Her Life By Peeing On Her Niece


Let’s give this girl a reality show…

Kelly Rowland isn’t the only one that has the Tide and the Bleach out, doing laundry. The 90s R&B star Sparkle decided to put her spin on the ‘Dirty Laundry‘ track. She opens up about  R. Kelly’s infamous sex-type tape filmed with her under-aged niece (allegedly).

Back when this R. Kelly scandal was relevant Sparkle testified that the girl in the sextape was in fact her  young niece. Then we found out that Sparkle introduced her niece to R. Kelly allegedly. R. Kelly’s team made it seem like Sparkle and her family came up with the whole “child pornography” thing to get money from R. Kelly. No matter how the cookie, crumbles this has to be a heavy burden for Sparkle to carry. After she testified against R. Kelly it seemed like she was blacklisted and never heard of again.

In the ‘Dirty Laundry’ cover Sparkle sings:

“Let me help you with this laundry, this dirty laundry,” Sparkle sings over the Kelly Rowland track. “I got a choice family or business / regretting the day I put family in my business / a tape, a trial and guess who’s a star witness.”