Sheree, Marlo, Lawrence & Messy Housewife Drama

Lately Sheree’s hard face ass has been doing a little too much instigating. She is always running back, telling what she heard or what happened. She tries to act classy, but honestly she has those hoodrat tendencies.

Sheree recent drama involves insane Marlo Hampton and Lawrence. Sheree told Lawrence about the anti-gay slur “f*****” Marlo used to refer to Sheree’s gay friend, while in Africa. Marlo denies using the word by point blank saying she didn’t say it, which we know is a darn lie. Mar-f*cking-low you are on camera, we know what you did, how you did it, and what you said, so why lie like a scary ho? A two-bit liar ain’t worth a shitty penny.

Anywho Marlo and Lawrence must have made up because he recently attended Marlo’s birthday dinner.