Shade Throwing Khia Serves Up Good Tea

If you ever wanted to be a fly on the wall of the self-proclaimed Queen Of The South, Khia’s wall here is your chance. Khia and her Good Judy’s went off on what’s going on in pop culture and I was entertained.

She discussed these alleged rumors + more:

Jay Z naming Blue Ivy after Blu Cantrell who was his ex-girlfriend.

Michael Jackson, Beyonce, Jennifer Lopez, and Mariah having going to the same Indian doctor who got ‘OctoMom’ pregnant and claimed he’s the pappy of all dem babies.

T.I. signing Iggy Azalea, but wondering why he’s artist Bola Bop hasn’t dropped, who’s been on Grand Hustle since 1983, lol…That’s Shade.

The stripper who fell on her head at King Of Diamonds.

JoJo Simmons being Trade.

Lil Wayne kissing easy p-ssy Nicki Minaj in her mouth.

And Toya’s Wright’s husband Memphitz being a “KID” (undercover homosexual).

These  statements are all opinions of Khia & her friends. Writers of this site are not reporting this as news or fact.