Salon Culture: My Worst Manicure Experience


iNailBar Finished Nails

There is this saying, “If you can’t say anything nice, don’t say anything at all.” I’m going to be as nice as possible however I must be honest and I must express my true feelings about the dreadful experience I had at iNail Bar in McDonough, GA. You can tell by the blog’s title that I may vent a little.

Initially I liked going to iNail Bar because it was one of the more trendy nail salons in McDonough. The first time I visited the salon, I got a fresh full set. The nail tech was a seemingly nice guy. From what I remember, he explained how his family owned the salon and he and his wife worked there. At the time they were the only two people who I saw working there.

He started explaining to me that I had a “unique” nail shape, he said that my nail bed was curved inward. And because of this my past nail tech’s didn’t have the skills to properly manicure my nails. He continued to berate other nail techs by saying all types of negative things. He said he could tell that my nails often broke and that most nail tech’s probably injured me by being to rough and drilling the wrong way. Which was true I usually leave the nail shop with at least one finger aching.

Anyway after that initial visit I kept going back. The salon basically only has one person who does nails, his wife does a little, but he is the primary nail tech. It seemed to me that he really did think he was the best at what he does, but that does not mean he has the right to tear down other people in the same profession. I decided to give acrylic nails a rest. So time passed, about a year later I am back in his chair. The male nail tech vaguely remembers me, he gives me the whole spill about my nail shape again. I hear him talking to other clients and his main objective is to tell them what is wrong with their nails or how can make their nails better.

I went back to iNailbar about a month ago to get a new set. This was on a Sunday. The door hours and their Facebook page, states that they are open on Sunday’s from 12:00pm – 5:30pm (I believe) I waited on them to open for about an hour;  they never did show up. So I went else where. I got a nice new set and a pedicure. I loved the way my nails looked. I thought they were bomb honey.

The nails lasted for nearly a month. I decided to go get a fill-in. I head back to iNailbar at 6:00pm. The same male nail tech asked me what I was getting and I told him a fill in. Once I sat in his chair, he started to severely criticize my nails. He went on and on talking about how he was going to only charge me $32 for the fill-in + gel polish and he was going to do the best he can to fix my nails because they were so awful. He said that it wasn’t that much he could do on a Friday @ 6pm. This immediately had me thinking that I wasn’t going to get his best work because he was on a time limit. From the look of the below picture I didn’t good impeccable work. His work looks sloppy.



After he finished filing, filling, and drilling I saw the shape of my nails and I was not happy. He sat there and said all those negative things, to not have my nails correct?

My nail shape was all wrong, actually my nails looked sloppy and rushed. He asked me did I like his work. I honestly told him that I thought. He goes into defense mode, he says that its because the previous nail set was horrible, he also says he should have never did my nails without taking off the previous set. He was talking loudly, other clients heard him and I even heard people snickering. At this point I was definitely embarrassed. I honestly felt bad. So I let him know that he went a little too far with the way he was speaking to me. I explained how coming to the nail salon is supposed to be peaceful not degrading. He apologize and asked me what he could do to fix it, but honestly there was nothing he could do. The damage had been done. I really thought about just stopping him and leaving out of the salon. I decided to stay, his wife polished my nails and charged me an extra $1.00 for getting half a nail polished.  I just sat there thinking to myself that the situation could have been handled so much differently. I just wanted a relaxing hour of getting my nails done. I didn’t want to listen to someone berating my previous nail set; nor did I want to feel like the nail tech was doing much such a huge favor by doing my nails. Like, are you serious? I am paying you, not the other way around.

Customer service is important in any job that involves servicing people. You can’t make your customer’s feel like shit and then expect them to come back and sit in your chair.


My nails after I got home and cleaned them up.


I honestly do not think my previous set was bad. He kept saying they were paper thin, however who wants thick acrylic nails? The previous set did last almost a month without breaking. Peep them below.