Rumor Mill | Shawty Lo & Future Both Possible Father Of JAI JAI’s Baby


Rumor has it that underground rapper Fun House Jai Jai is pregnant but not sure of the child’s father.  At first everyone automatically assumed that the pappy was rapper Shawty Lo. Jai Jai and Lo have been dating for several years. They have a business relationship and they recently put out a music video together. However, the streets are talking and claiming that Jai’s baby daddy could possibly be Ciara’s boyfriend, Future. Now this is just a rumor, Jai Jai hasn’t revealed who she’s pregnant by. One can argue that it isn’t anyone’s business. I think it’s hilarious that Shawty Lo could possibly have 12 kids by several different women. And if it’s Future’s baby, I’m sure his good boo Ciara is going to be upset.


Shawty Lo feat. FunHouse Jai Jai – ‘Duffle Bag’


  • You know what they say mama’s baby daddy’s maybe…. They better call Maury lol
  • Girl needs to get it together.
  • Wow ! That’s crazy.
  • DivaWhispers
    Where is Maury? I hope its not Futures for Ciaras sake…she gonna look a fool to her haters
  • Yazmar
    Ciara has gotten herself into a mess
  • Nicola Gossips
    Jai Jai stays losing no matter how this turns out.
  • SMDH!!! The THIRST is SEVERE… She needs to join Ray J next to the ocean with a straw!
  • HollywoodHiccups
    Wow that is crazy, what a mess!
  • I really don’t know who Jai Jai is, so this is the first real thing I’ve learned about her. Not a good look, but it happens