Rumor Mill | Rihanna & Ciara At War Over Boys


Ciara is trying to make a come back. She’s had a share of bad relationships, bad decisions, and bad singles. Hopefully she has better luck with her new relationship with Rapper Future and upcoming album ‘Ciara’.

Even though she’s been doing well, drama is always lurking. Ciara’s so-called beef with Rihanna won’t go away. In my opionion all this drama started back when Ciara did an episode of Fashion Police. She basically alluded that RiRi was a b*tch. In true bad girl form Rihanna fired shots back at Ciara, she made fun of the fact that Ciara could hardly book shows.

Now that Ciara is doing promo for her upcoming album, people have been inquiring about her issues with Rihanna in interviews. Apparently Rih isn’t a fan of being discussed  so she threw shade via Instagram.

Ciara replied back:



Now I wonder where all this beef is coming from? There were rumors that Ciara had an obsession with Chris Brown. Even wild stories of CiCi stalking the singer.

According to Bossip:

CiCi pursued Chris Brown when he was on a night out with then girlfriend Rihanna: “People also don’t know that she caught feelings for Chris Brown while he was dating Rihanna.”

“A couple of years ago in a nightclub, she basically stalked him the entire night… he wasn’t interested, since he was dating Rihanna.”

“Everyone that was there that night still talks about how desperate Ciara looked trying to get at Chris in the club.”

These are just rumors of course. Something has to be going on other than these two girls just not liking each other. If it’s not over Chris Brown, I wonder if Ciara feels some type away about Future writing and being featured on Rihanna’s hit record ‘Love Song’.


  • Ciara is desperate for attention. She should of issued a no comment, but then her stories would have gotten no mention.
  • KiaSoto
    lawd these two really one becuz ciara needs the attention
  • Yazmar
    Hmmm, this is a mess
  • Lol! Ciara CB stalking. Ha!