Rumor Mill | Lil Scrappy and Erica Dixon Split Up + Shay Johnson Says She’ll Always Love Him


Rumors have been running rapid regarding Erica Dixon and her relationship status with Lil Scrappy. On the season opener of Love & Hip Hop: Atlanta Erica claims that their relationship was real and that the engagement was “official like a whistle.” Lately Erica has been spotted out on several occasions without her fancy engagement ring. I’ve heard that after the infamous fight between Erica and Scrappy’s sideline chick Shay Buckeey Johnson, Scrappy left with Shay.

I personally think that they Erica and Lil Scrappy are broken up. After Erica and Momma Dee got into a major altercation, I’m sure it put a strain on her relationship with Scrappy. In several interviews Erica has talked trash about Momma Dee. Claiming that she’s satan’s sister.

[Her gripe] was I don’t spend time with her or do anything with her or take her. I’m like ‘I’m with your son, not you. You seem to be confused.’ She might just have the Oedipus Complex. That’s your son, not your man.”

I tried to find the peace, but it’s been nothing but just negativity, and I think it’s because she’s old and she’s so miserable and she needs to find a man. She need some d*ck




In the video below Shay claims that she Loves Scrappy and will always love him, so therefore she’s going to trying it until she has him.



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