Rumor Mill | Is Mr. Papers Lil Kim Child’s Dad?


Lil’ Kim has not made any official announcements regarding her pregnancy. She was going to keep the father of her child private. It does not seem like she’s going to have the opportunity to keep anything a secret. Every since she stepped out at NYFW everyone was speculating and wondering “who got Lil’ Kim pregnant”.


Lil’ Kim alleged child’s father Mr. Papers, was not about to keep his identity a secret. He took to Instagram to let the world know, that he was indeed the pappy (subliminally).  These two have been dating for few years, they have several pictures together on Instagram (that means it’s really official right?). After Lil’ Kim debuted her baby bump Mr. Papers uploaded a picture of himself with the caption: “I heard everybody looking for me ?????????????????”


Apparently he even has her name tatted on him (so we know its real).


  • MrsGrapevine
    Tattoos, though. We all know how that ends. She wants to keep it private to continue the media buzz.
  • This is getting very very interesting. I can not wait to see how this ends up.
  • well, i can’t judge him cos i don’t know him but i hope he treats kim well. she’s been in several abusive relationships so as long as she’s happy
  • Well there you have it lol.
  • Y@zmar
    He love him some Kim..Nice couple