Rumor Mill | Idris Elba Used To Be A Trapper And Had A Baby With A Stripper From Magic City?


So many women love themselves some Idris Elba. The actor is handsome and his accent is very sexy. He is a bit too old for my taste. Idris opened up in his recent interview with GQ magazine. He revealed a lot about his life and his past.

Idris talked about his past, he told us that while he was a DJ, he would also sell marijuana. I guess he did what he had to do to get the bills paid. Or maybe he thought being the “weed” man was cool.




In the magazine Idris also talked about a baby being pinned on him by a florida woman that he was dating. It’s been rumored that the lady that’s the mother of his alleged son, was a stripper that worked at Magic City. Although this seems a little far fetched, I can believe it.  Good thing the baby turned out not to be his.

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