Rumor Mill | Future and Rihanna Hooking Up On The Low?




Rihanna is the ultimate bad girl. She is on top of her game right now without a care in the world. With that being said she can pretty much have any guy she wants. That’s why it comes at no shock to me that Ciara’s fiancé Future (aka Meathead) was rumored to be all on Rihanna trying to hook up.

Ciara Performs Body Party In The Bathroom & Rihanna’s Bestie Throws Shade

Allegedly nothing happened between the Rih and the Future because Rihanna wouldn’t allow it.

This story being blasted all over the internet has got to rub Ciara the wrong way. Not too long ago Rihanna and Ciara was at war with each other. Ciara might have won a battle or two, but Rihanna and her RihNavy won the war.

Nothing is worse than your child’s father hanging out with the one chick that has checked you publicly. That’s like Jay Z hanging out with Latavia Robinson back in the day (you can’t see that happening can you)?

I can only hope that Ciara isn’t somewhere going through postpartum, pulling out the edges to her lacefronts.



Rihanna posted the below picture to her Twitter after a night of hanging with Future…*The Shade.