Rumor Mill | Erica Dixon & Lil’ Scrappy Are Working On Getting Back Together?


Love & Hip Hop: Atlanta’s Erica Dixon and Lil’ Scrappy have been separated since the last season of the show. After their breakup Erica started dating model, O’Shea Russell. Scrappy was involved with rapper/reality show personality, Bambi.


erica dixon lil scrappy spent valentines day together working on getting back together

Allegedly Erica and Lil’ Scrappy were together on Valentine’s Day. It’s being rumored that the two are working things out for the sake of their daughter. Honestly, I’m wondering if they are only working on their relationship for the cameras and the reality show. I am sure this is something Mona Scott-Young is cooking up for Love & Hip Hop. Erica seems to be too mature for Scrappy. I believe these two have love for each other, but each time they try to get back together, it ends up failing.

Both Erica and Lil’ Scrappy broke things off with their significant others (right around the same time). They took to Instagram to announce that they were both single.


erica dixon lilscrappy



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