Rumor Mill | Did Love & Hip Hop’s Traci Steele Get A Nose Job?



It is being reported that Love & Hip Hop: Atlanta’s star Traci Steele had a little work done on her nose. After appearing on the show, Traci has received a lot of negative feedback about her appearance. Many people referred to her as Baby Bop and some people went as far as calling her ugly. Traci’s nose appeared to be on the larger side but now her nose is noticeably smaller. It could be the lighting or makeup contouring. If she did get her nose done there is nothing wrong with that. I only hope that she did it for her and not for the negativity she received about her looks. People will pick away at you no matter how you impeccable you look.


  • Hell she needed that! Looks a lot better can’t say I blame her!
  • DivaWhispers
    do we really care though? LOL on Barney
    Lol. Not sure. She looked like she coulda been pregnant in the above photo.
  • yazmar
    whooo cares
  • Looks like it, but it looks great!!
  • HollywoodHiccups
    My guess is yes, but what is the big deal?
  • KiaSoto
    i need one i have a big nose too