Rumor Mill | Ciara Ditched Future & Now He’s Back With His Ex Brittni Mealy


(Photo Cred: Instagram)

From day one everyone knew that Future was a playboy. I thought that he was going to buckle down, grow up and fully commit to Ciara. That did not happen. Once a dog always a dog (despite what Draya thinks, we can’t all have our hoe-ness erased).



Soon after Ciara broke up with Future for cheating allegedly he called on his exgirlfriend/baby momma Brittni Mealy to be there for him. According to my inside sources, Future and Brittni were together before the news hit about Future and Ciara splitting.

My theory is and always has been, how you get a man is exactly how you lose him. To my knowledge Future and Brittni were together, when he hooked up with Ciara. Here’s the kicker, Brittni had not to long ago given birth to her baby boy, when Future cheated on her with Ciara. Call that history repeating itself.

Anywho Brittni is currently on tour with Future, while Ciara is….crying her eyes out at night.