Rumor Mill | Bobbi Kristina Engaged To Brother/Boyfriend Nick Gordon

Bobbi Kristina has been pretty hot and heavy with her boyfriend Nick Gordon.

Recently the two got matching tattoos, which to some can mean solidify a meaningful connections, to others it’s a desperate cry for attention.


I figured Nick and Bobbi Kristina bonded over the death of ‘their’ mother Whitney Houston. Whitney symbolically “adopted” Nick when he was younger and raised him as her own son, allegedly.

Nick and Bobbi K have really been showing out. The other day Nick tweeted a photo of Bobbi Kristina’s ring finger, rocking a nice sapphire stone surrounded by diamonds.


He captioned the photo as:
“just a jewelry/gift for the sweetest thing in the world”

Bobbi K responded:
“(: urthee best boo ! I love you, thank youuu (:(: surprise is right , i love it!”

Something seems pretty fishy about this, if you ask me. Bobbi K could be at a vulnerable point in her life over looking snakes trying to bamboozle her.