Rumor Mill | Beyonce Shines At Kelly Rowland’s Wedding



Has Kelly Rowland and fiancée Tim Witherspoon tied the knot? According to several news outlets the couple married this weekend in a private ceremony in Costa Rica. I can’t confirm if the rumors are cute, but Beyonce did upload the above picture to Instagram, looking rather dolled up.

Kelly and Beyonce seem very close, almost like sisters. I could not imagine Kelly getting married without Beyonce by her side. Although other bloggers reported that Kelly didn’t want Beyonce at the ceremony in fear of being upstaged. Hopefully this is not true.



I hope that we get a glimpse of Kelly’s wedding, a photo or something. Judging by how private she seems to be I doubt that we’ll see that.



Photo Source: & Event Snaps

  • I am not sure I can believe this rumor but it can be true.
  • Did she go? I still can’t figure out the truth of this. She flew to Costa Rica and was home for a ballgame that night?
  • I’m glad she’s supporting her sister although her marriage seems to be falling apart.
  • HollywoodHiccups
    I don’t know if this rumor is true, I wonder…