Royce Reed Wants Bias Judge Removed From Custody Case

Royce Reed of Basketball Wives Miami and mother of NBA star Dwight Howard’s son, is involved in a custody battle.  Even though the little Wet Seal wearing, bad weave, Royce is featured on Basketball Wives, her story line is centered around her wanting to be an actress, not so much about her past relationship with Dwight, nor their son. The drama that she’s currently facing behind the scenes, is far more interesting than anything being televised on the popular reality show.

Royce wants the judge on her custody case removed immediately because she claims he is biased towards unwed mothers of basketball players, kids.  Dwight is fighting for custody, claiming that Royce is making it extremely difficult to see the child on the scheduled visit. I am sure he is pissed at her for being involved in a reality show. I personally think men gets a little jealous when their ‘baby momma’ gets a little shine, when they are the one normally in the spot light. Dwight needs to chill out, he keeps hitting Royce with lawsuits, just because he’s Bitter Betty.


Peep Picture of Dwight Howards other child (Jayde) & baby momma (Hope Alexa) He’s not taking her through hell.