Rita Ora: RIP (Rihanna) | New Music

Everybody is talking about Rita Ora aka Rio, because Jay Z is cosigning the  check, I mean, chick.


I am just not here for her. This RIP track makes me want to plug my ears.  She reminds me of Lady Gaga mixed with MIA and she kinda sounds like Madonna. Her songs are rather, mediocre. And the only reason why we care is because Jay Z is endorsing her.

Anywho her latest attempt is entitled R.I.P. Rita is giving us a little more urban kick. But she’s clearly no Rihanna. Critics are saying that Jay Z is all on Rita’s nutshack because he’s mad at Rih for releasing the “Cake” remix with crazy ass Christopher Brown. The “RIP” song uses lines from powder donut ass Drake’s unreleased single called “I’m Ready For Ya”

Peep the lyrics:

R.I.P, to the girl you used to see
Her days are over, baby she’s over
I decided to give you all of me
Baby come closer, baby come closer”

(I know Rio ain’t trying to come for Rih.)
Somebody please let me know if I’m trippin’ or what because I am not seeing what the big deal is. Drake could have kept this damn song, and Rio can just go away.

Listen to Rita’s “R.I.P”

Here’s Rio’s explanation of the song:

It’s about a girl getting her own and telling her man “I’m so much better than your ex-girl that you don’t even know.” I’m always intrigued with who he use to go out with. “Who did you use to go out with?” Not because I cared about her. Not because I think they’re better than me or anything like that, it’s just because you always want to know. You’re going to compare yourself to the ex just because that’s what girls do.
This is a song about me saying to the guy ‘R.I.P to the girl you use to see her days are over. I’ve decided to give you all of me.” When Drake wrote that I was just like it makes so much sense to me that I would love to sing this song. I wouldn’t sing a song if I didn’t connect to it. (Source) 

Here’s the original song performed by Drizzy: