Rihanna’s New Love Affair With Drake Is Just A Publicity Stunt?



The AubRih saga continues. Everyone is going crazy because of  the recent pictures of Rihanna and Drake spotted hanging out together. A lot of people are all into this relationship, either they are happy that these two are hanging out or the other side of the spectrum, mad because she’s with Drake and not Chris Brown.




Honestly I don’t believe that Drake and Rih are together. The above picture was off guard, granted but they look so awkward and uncomfortable. I can only imagine Rihanna eating Drake up and spitting him out, but that’s as far as I can see it going. Maybe Rihanna is trying to make Chris jealous by hanging out with Drake or maybe she really likes him….who knows.

Celebs stage relationships all the time, just for the publicity. Do you believe Drake and Rihanna are an item?

  • Y@zmar
    I agree…It looks like a setup….Drake is trying to rid those gay rumors and Rihanna is trying to make Chris jealous.
    • Drake ain’t gay. He’s Canadian. Not all black men are hard hard and ghetto, Drake grew up middle class in an very rich neighbourhood. He’s good. LOL
  • HollywoodHiccups
    I would 100% believe it was a publicity stunt!