Rihanna Is Thirsty For Drake After He Penned Another Song For Her?


My goodness I never thought that I’ve ever see the day where Rihanna would be gushing over Drake. Well unfortunately Rih is stanning for Drake’s new song ‘Hold On We’re Going Home’.



The song isn’t all that if you ask me but listen below:


or here:

Drake is known to pen songs about the women in his life. Wonder if he wrote this song for Rihanna..That’s the only reason why I could see her going so hard. She’s known as the bad girl, maybe she finds it nice to be considered a “good girl” in Drake’s eyes.

The pop star took to Twitter to gush over the rapper’s latest single, “Hold On, We’re Going Home.” She even tweeted her favorite lyrics to the newly-released track.
“I got my eyes on you,” she wrote. “Cuz you’re a good girl and you know it!”
When one fan wrote more lyrics to the song, she immediately responded with, “My new fave record, period.”
Wow, that’s quite a compliment!
RiRi, Chris and Drake had been involved in somewhat of a love triangle several months back.
In an interview with GQ, the 26-year-old rapper calls his feud with Breezy “embarrassing” and dishes on the alleged NYC nightclub brawl that went down in June 2012, reportedly over the “Stay” singer herself.
“I wish we could sit down, just like you and me are right now, and talk it out man-to-man. But that’s not going to happen,” he says. “I’m not confrontational, but if someone challenges, I’m not going to back down.”

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  • Rihanna is lonely, which is never a good place to start when looking for love.

  • ★Javier__Duhhh★

    She getting on my nerves she needs to leave both Drake & Chris alone!

    • KiaSoto


  • Y@zmar

    she is such an attention whore

  • DivaWhispers

    again this will not end well

  • Why don’t they just get together already! It’s not like she don’t like light-skinned brothers!

    • KiaSoto


  • KiaSoto

    yes she needs to stop if she likes drake then go far it but not to make chris mad

  • Gumbumper

    Rihanna loves to be messy

  • MrsGrapevine

    I think we will really see a crazy Nicki Minaj if Rihanna keeps playing these game, and especially with Drake. I hope Chris can stay gone this time, and I hope Rihanna can stop the games.

  • HollywoodHiccups

    Ughh she is a train wreck he needs to stay away from her!