Rihanna Exposes J.R. Smith


When will folks learn not to come for Rihanna. She’s quick to embarrassed any and everybody. She recently shamed an instagram follower for blaming her for J.R. Smith’s poor performance during the Knicks/Pacers playoff series. The internet went crazy when a photo of Rih Rih and J.R. thick eyebrows surfaced, every since then J.R. hasn’t been playing his best.

When Knick’s fan @peruvian_gawd outted bad gal RiRi for J.R.’s poor performance Rihanna went off. She let the world know that J.R. was thirsty and that she didn’t want him.  Now everyone can put the rumors to rest about her dating good ole Eyebrows.



Welp…There you have it. I bet J.R. is feeling like a fool now. Rih clearly is no K. Michelle.

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  • DivaWhispers
    rihanna!!!! tsk tsk
  • Nicola Gossips
    And that’s why I love her. She has no class, but she’s honest.