RHOA Porsha Williams Bank Account Frozen Due To Owed Homeowner Fees?


Porsha Williams, girl…..

I’m not sure if all the crayons are in Porsha’s box or if she only have the pink & reds. Recently on Real Housewives of Atlanta, we saw Porsha spread her wings and move out of her mother’s house. This would have been all good if she would have moved into a cute complex that was in her means, but instead Porsha too busy trying to look all big, rich and mighty decided to move into a 8,000 square ft. home, with just her and her dogs. I guess you have to fake it to you make it, or is it  fake it for the cameras to look like you made something.



Apparently Porsha’s living situation has changed since the episodes were filmed months ago. According to TMZ miss thing moved to a high-rise condo complex in Atlanta, which she clearly could not afford.

Porsha lived in a high-rise condo complex in Atlanta … and she’s fallen behind on her homeowner’s dues — to the tune of $17,959!

Now the homeowner’s association has filed legal docs — obtained by TMZ — requesting that her bank account be frozen and the money that goes in gets diverted to pay her homeowner’s bills. Fact is … the only real money she gets is from ‘RHOA.’


Also according to AllThingsRH.com:  On January 13th, 2014 a judge signed off on court documents issuing the garnishment of Stewart’s bank account for $17,859.67. SunTrust Bank will get the money on behalf of the Grandview Condominium Association.
The court documents state that Porsha owed $13,584.67 in homeowner’s dues, but with interest, attorney’s fees, post-judgment interest and case costs included, the grand total is now nearly $20,000.

  • mlmkareem
    Wow this is sad for her, she need to get back with her husband and stop playing like she ain’t brain dead.
    • She doesn’t need to get back with him. She needs to be a grown woman by living within her means.
    • mlmkareem
      She still loves the dude. I do not believe in love but you can tell she is still on his head. Am I right or wrong.
    • On RHOA it did seem like she wasn’t 100 percent over him, but also on the show, it seemed as though she was his daughter rather than his wife.
    • I would have to agree with you 100% their Ciera. I love this blog. I am going to come here and comment more often. Please check out my blog and share the comment love. http://realentertainmentnews.com
  • Klbaile
    All I can say is Porsha, Porsha, Porsha. Looks like history is not the only course she failed in school but she apparently also failed finance 101. She is a mess!