Reignite the Spark in Your Relationship

Reignite the Spark in Your Relationship Impeccable Imperfections Blog

There’s no denying that after a while in a long-term relationship, there’s a natural decline in the quality of time that you spend with one another. Maybe it was different when you were dating. However, in between taking care of the kids and work, every interaction you have simply can’t be wrought with deep personal conversations and emotionally charged moments.

Just because you can’t waste the day gazing into one another’s eyes doesn’t mean you can’t carve out a few hours every now and then to reconnect.

Take a hard look at the day-to-day interaction between you and your partner. When was the last time you remember having a really good conversation with one another? When was the last time you locked the doors and let your hands do the talking?

Intimacy can serve as a pretty clear indication about the state of your relationship. While many factors go into creating a positive foundation, the strength in your bond is made at two times—when your clothes are on and when they’re off. And more often than not, one area can have a drastic effect on the other.

If you feel things have started to fizzle on both sides of the bedroom door, take a look at these 5 ways you can get that spark back.

5. Go on an Adventure

If you’ve been with one another for a while, you’ve probably heard all of one another’s stories, jokes, and opinions on the latest episode of your favorite TV show—Yes, everyone agrees that Scandal was amazing. But bonding over a new experience can give you something new to talk about. That goes for whether you want to learn a new skill together— like cooking or woodworking. Or if you want to do something outside of your normal routine— like rock climbing or getting your motorcycle licenses. Get your blood flowing throughout the day and put it to good use at night!

4. Be Proactive

A kind gesture can go a long way in letting your loved one know they’ve been on your mind. Making an extra stop on the way home to pick up their favorite drink or take care of a certain chore that your significant other has been dreading tackling. That crappy shower head in the master bath? Replace it with a new one that will make your partner feel like their in a spa. Or for guys who want to show off their handiness, put those skills to work in front of you girl. Daily Mail said that the majority of women claim that the sexist quality in a man is his ability to DIY around the house. Your foreplay could start with fixing that shaky railing on the porch.

3. Introduce Something New

If things have become a little stale in the bedroom, a new position probably isn’t going to cut it when it comes to spicing up your between-the-sheets activity. Instead, let your inhibitions go and branch out, whether that means adding of a toy to your routine or just using lube to keep the session going longer is up to you.

Katy Zvolerin, director of marketing for Adam & Eve, wrote in a recent release on Melanie Griffith and Antonio Banderas’ divorce that sex toys could have potentially saved their relationship. Why? Because she argued that they can help couples keep the spark alive. “It’s all about indulging in a positive experience,” Zvolerin said. “Exploring various sex toys like vibes, beads, lubes and rings that can really help bring two people together.”

2. Set the Mood

If you’re putting yourself in the same setting every time that you have sex, you can’t be surprised if the sex remains the same as well. If you have a little extra cash, try making you bedroom seem like a sexually inviting place. No, you don’t have to paint the walls red or put a mirror on the ceiling. The Date Report said that by simply removing clutter, picking the right lighting, and getting some extra nice sheets, you can give your bedroom the boost it needs to put you both in the mood. You can also mix things up by getting busy in the shower or heating things up in the kitchen. Different surfaces and locations can encourage new positions you never thought of before.

1. Catch Their Eye

As fun as it can be to mix up the setting of your sex, it can be just as fun to mix up the way you present yourself to your partner. To catch their eye, throw on something completely unlike anything that you normally wear. If you usually wear flats, go for some taller boots. If your makeup is usually natural, try some bold shades of blues and purples—or go for a bright red lip. And don’t discount a wig too quickly! A blond bob might just give you the boost you need to unleash your sexy alter-ego.

Remember: A good sex life and healthy relationship might require more than a few moves from the Kama Sutra, but luckily the fixes aren’t nearly as complicated. All it takes is few minor tweaks throughout the day, and you’re sure to make your night even hotter.

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