R&B Divas Reunion Dawn Explains Why She Wasn’t There + Lil’ Mo Throws Shade


R&B Divas: LA Reunion show was good last night. I’m glad the producers decided to let Wendy Williams host, because she asked the right questions. I was a bit disappointed that Dawn Robinson did not participate, which I feel was cowardly. Dawn took to twitter to hint at why she was MIA:

“Tweeties, most of u already heard that I did NOT do the reunion, (((GASP))) lol! Ppl act like I missed the 2nd coming of Christ lol! I didnt do it bcuz I dont do bufoonery. I get enuff of that here on my page everyday! Thx 4 understanding…DEETS coming soon xo!”

Kelly Price worried my nerves last night. She is clearly trying to make an excuse for her behavior on the show. Does she want us to believe that she’s not a beech? Kelly hinted that the show’s producers asked her to act a fool. I don’t care if they did it was her choice to do it, so now she needs to take the criticism like a big girl.


The other girls, Lil Mo, Claudette Ortiz, and Chante Moore covered Control Magazine. To see excerpts from the Control Magazine, head over to GumBumpers.

On why they decided to do reality TV and why they opted for the LA spin-off, as opposed to Atlanta:

“Lil Mo: I never thought in a million years I’d do reality TV but I’m glad that I did because it’s given me an opportunity to get back out there and really promote what I love to do which is music. I was asked about the Atlanta cast but when I found out about LA, I knew I was a better fit.”

“Claudette: I’ve been approached to do reality TV but I wanted to make sure this was something worth pursuing seeing as I have three children. I didn’t want it to be exploitive and negative.”
“Chante: I was asked to share my life and the focus was going to be on my music, that’s what I liked about it.”

“Lil Mo: We have more notable songs and we’re cuter, young hip hop and r&b. We act younger and more fun.”

Lil Mo is so shady..Every time she sings I always think of the scene of the reality show, when her husband tells her she stinks..