R&B Beef The-Dream & The Weeknd

The-Dream is not here for The Weeknd stealing his sound, nor his name. I like both The-Dream and The Weeknd; their sounds are similar. Both artists have soft voices, like a modern day Michael Jackson. Before The Dream, R&B dudes weren’t sounding like that. This little beef is so remedial to me, I mean how are they going to settle it? By seeing who does the crotch grab and moonwalk the best?

The lyrics that sparked this drama sang by The-Dream:
“See I created this sound/ Yes, sir, I shut it down / There’s only one #1 / These other n—as are my sons,”

The Dream also said: “I haven’t done a show in close to two years. And ever since then, there’s like, four n****s that sound like me now. I’m just being honest,”

The Weeknd replied via twitter:
ham burglar lookin’ ass nigga… all i need are my brothers and my fans… fuck the bullshit. just gimme that gat damn allderdice god damm it! i’m too turnt up right now!! this nigga is so hood, he thinks my name is the weekender…i was raised old fashioned, you get at me, i get at you… ain’t no sideways shit about it..

The soft spoken and smart Tetrius Nash, is very articulate while explaining what the beef really, is not.

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