Rap Beef | Gucci Mane & Young Jeezy

It’s no secret that Gucci Mane and Young Jeezy had beef in the past. It seemed as though the two had squashed that and moved on, but apparently not. The two rappers have been civil with each other in the last few years, now after a few new interviews hit the web an entire new rap beef, has started.

Gucci Mane dropped a new diss record today, entitled ‘The Truth‘ in the song he addresses Young Jeezy head on. Check it out below:


The interview Gucci Mane did with  The Breakfast Club could be what started the drama. Gucci Mane said a lot of disrespectful things about Young Jeezy but he claimed it was no beef between them.

Checkout the full interview below:


Young Jeezy felt some type of way about what Gucci said in the previous interview. He then went on Power 106 and spoke on his beef with Rick Ross and the new beef with Gucci Mane.

In this interview Jeezy refers to Gucci as crazy, he paints him to be a loony rapper that’s mad that they never did a song together after ‘So Icey’.

“Everybody knows that boy retarded, ain’t nobody taking him seriously,”
“He didn’t take his medicine that day, short bus shawty.”
“He’s nutty buddy he has a ice cream cone on his face.”

Check the Jeezy interview out below: