RAP BEEF | Gucci Mane Diss Rasheeda & Kirt Frost Calling Rasheeda Old & Kirt Gay


Shots fired! Gucci Mane has a diss song entitled ‘Shook Them Haters Off’. The song is of course about haters, as well as addressing Love & Hip Hop: Atlanta personalities Rasheeda & her husband Kirt Frost.

Some may think that Gucci is just trying to get fame off of Rasheeda and Kirt, because they seem to be popping, right now. But in actuality this song was made years before the show was ever thought about.

Gucci Mane reference a woman that’s too old to be rapping, and he also calls her a freak that likes her Georgia Peach licked, seems as though he’s talking directly about Rasheeda. Gucci even mentions Kirt’s name in the lyrics.He describes a pedophile, which is ironic because recent reports claim that Kirt has been sexually abusing his daughter.

Hear the song/read the lyrics below:


Your the type a b-tch old as hell still tryna rap,
And I’m the type a nigga young as hell an I run the trap,
Now your the type a freak say lick your Georgia PEACH,
You married to a lame and that lame don’t want no BEEF,
Now he the type a nigga that a old lame ass bitch a want,
Aint never drank no beer ain’t NEver rolled no blunt
Now she the type a gurl aint got no ass on her back
No Kirt aint got no money I heard she fuckin Cat
Now Jase the kinda guy go both ways think I don’t know
I heard he fuckin Kirt in ass on the D-Lo
Now Jase the kinda guy tell you, you gon make millions
But he’s a pedophile on the low he fuck his children

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