Random Things About August Alsina That Makes Us Question His Sexuality

august aslina-gay-impeccableimperfections

There is no denying the fact that August Aslina is a cutie. He is super tatted up with that sexy New Orleans accent and it’s something about him that screams bad boy.

I must admit I was pretty smitten over August after ‘I Luv That Sh*t‘ video dropped. After following him on social networks and watching a couple of  his interviews, I had second thoughts. August makes me wonder.  He could possibly be a little gay or either bisexual. It’s just something about him.


According To MediaTakeOut.com August was put on blast by one of his male lovers for not calling him on Valentines Day.


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Allegedly Refused To Take Pictures With Transgender Woman



If you’re secure with your sexuality, why would taking a picture with a TS woman be such a big deal? According to B.Scott.com a fan wrote in to tell about her experience:

I went to a concert last night for August Alsina. Before the concert there was a VIP meet and greet which should have consisted of meeting August, receiving a poster, getting an autograph, and a picture.

Well, I am a transgender woman.

When it was my time to meet him and get my pictures I was refused with the comment “we not doing pictures with you“. Not wanting to cause a scene, I pulled my camera phone to take my own pictures.

Another guy literally snatched my phone out of my hand so that I was not able to take any pictures!

I didn’t get a poster or an autograph and he acted like he couldn’t even say hello to me.

Now first of all I paid my money just like everyone else. So it shouldn’t have mattered what “type” of person I am. You don’t treat people that way especially when they are trying to be supportive. I don’t really know how to get my complaint to the label so Im writing you on how the situation transpired. Do you have any advice of how to handle this?


Stance On Oral Sex



August said on the Breakfast club that he’s not eating no box. Even though he has a song called ‘Downtown’. Why are you scared baby?



Scandalous Photos



What grown man upload these types of photos to Instagram? Especially the one where he is grabbing his man meat (he likes taking d* pics). In his defense, he said he only uploaded the picture on the right because he lost a bet (yea right).


His Lips/Mouth



It’s just something about how he sings on Instagram. He always has his face so close to the camera. His lips look like they are about to touch the screen. He has perfect lips for gripping, wait never mind.




I know I may be so wrong for this but this is hilarious to me.

  • Wow, well its Atlanta at the end of the day. Shit get real out there.
  • he should come out on his term’s not on mediatakeout.
  • cottenkandi
    He’s still a cutey but whatever to each is own I guess.
  • KiaSoto
    i can see that
  • Y@zmar
    He is very handsome….but I bet my ad check he’s taking dicks
  • Anonymous
    All of your shit is irrelevant, unreasonable and incorrect. First of all he’s had a bad experience with eating the box and I doubt he’d be scared of your loose pussy. 2 that video with that gay guy he said it before that it was a joke so it wasn’t true
  • TouristMeetsTraveler
    A total cutie but I think he is playing for the other team.
  • Iva Rene
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  • August Alsinas Fan
    I smell bullshit. You just wish he was gay so you can feel better about August not wanting you. SMFH AUGUST IS LIFE YOU SILLY HOE.
    • Mrs. Alsina
      Lol you just made my day
  • French Lung
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  • kyjsha
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  • i love you August Alsinas you are cute sexy.
  • lunetta williams
    How dare you make up such filth on this 22 yr. old man… who just starting out in life and trying to mind his business and make a honest living for his family. it’s people like you that makes the World so corrupted evil and vile! you know nothing about this man but yet you can spread despicable hurtful lies and gossip about this man, just because he don’t want to screw around with every “River Rat” such as your self! there is nothing wrong with a man that is choosey or picky of who he takes to bed! it shows descents and class…maybe you need to find some… and stop trying to ruin this mans reputation. August Alsina has more morals, class and respect then you have in your pinky finger…. shame on you for being a classless Bitch!!