Porsha Williams Speaks Out Since Attacking Kenya Moore, Says Exhusband Kordell Stewart Abused Her!


Porsha Williams has finally had  the opportunity to share her truth about a lot of things that has gone down in her life. During an interview with Access Hollywood she not only opened up about the attack on Kenya Moore, she also revealed how she was abused mentally and physically by her ex-husband Kordell Stewart.

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Porsha wants people to know that Kenya Moore bullied her. From watching the show, I have to agree with Porsha; Kenya is a big bully. I think that Kenya is just jealous of Porsha. Porsha isn’t taking Andy Cohen’s suggestion about apologizing to Kenya. She says she’ll only apologize if Kenya does so first.


Porsha Speaks On Abusive Relationship With Kordell Stewart


  • Now she want to talk about being attacked lol. I do not believe this chick at all.
  • Porsha is funny!
  • MrsGrapevine
    She’s alluded to abuse before, but after the African Prince lie…I mean publicity stunt, it’s hard for me to trust her. But I know one thing that’s real, she certainly snatched Kenya by the edges.
  • Hollywoodhiccups
    Two wrongs never make a right, that’s all I know.