Porsha Williams Is No Longer Single + Dishes On Rumors & Being Fired From Real Housewives


We all know that Porsha Williams is a bit of a ding bat, but in a cute kind of way. When ever she gives talk, I am like “Okay Porsha, use your words, think.”

In a recent interview with Blogzilla for Global Grind she discussed a lot. It comes at no real shock that Porsha has a new boo. She isn’t revealing exactly who he is but, anybody is better than Kordell Stewart, right? Porsha goes as far as giving a little relationship advice, which was actually good:

Never lose yourself in a relationship. I’m a pleasing person, so when I love someone I love them 110% But don’t lose yourself in that. You can love someone and still love yourself as well.

When asked about the rumors of her being fired from Real Housewives of Atlanta, Porsha says they aren’t true as far as she is concerned. I think they need to keep Porsha on the show, she adds that youngness that the show needs. Sometimes her stupidity is like comic relief.