Porsha Williams Exposed



Porsha Williams has done a complete 360 from the first time we saw her on The Real Housewives of Atlanta. She was once living the trophy wife life, quoting bible quotes and trying to appear refined.



Now Porsha embraces her thotness. It leaves me wondering was she ever really into her then husband, Kordell Stewart? Her current actions leave me to believe that she was only with him for the wrong reasons. Their marriage could not have been a happy one, because Porsha was not being who she really wanted to be. Remember back in the day she was a video chick, maybe she’s always wanted to be a hot sex kitten rather than a step mother and a wife. Check her out in Lil’ Scrappy‘s group Trillville ‘Some Cut’ video. Just imagine if Porsha hadn’t married Kordell she would have been on Love & Hip Hop rather than RHOA.


Remember when Porsha was putting on acting like she was scared of going to the strip club with the other ladies. She wanted to appear so pure and innocent. Now Porsha looks like she belongs in a strip club and she loves showcasing her big butt and her fake titts.


Do you think Porsha always wanted to be wild and free as she is now?