Porsha Stewart Awarded Spousal Support


The divorce between Real Housewives of Atlanta star’s Porsha and Kordell Stewart has not been pretty. Both Porsha and Kordell have made crazy accusations against each. Porsha claimed that Kordell locked her out of their home. In return Kordell said that Porsha stayed out partying all night and he even implied that she was out to get his money to keep up her lavish lifestyle, even though she’s fully capable of making her own money.

During the taping of RHOA Porsha revealed that she did not have a prenup with her husband, Kordell. With no prenup and Kordell trifling ways, a Fulton County Court Judge awarded Porsha $5,000 a month in spousal support. Porsha looks very fancy. I willing to bet that she spends more than $5,000 a month on shoes and handbags. Atleast she’s getting something, so 2 snaps for that. Is it enough? That’s my question.



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