[Poll] Do You Think Kanye West Will Marry Kim Kardashian?


Now that Kim Kardashian’s divorce is finally over people have been wondering is Kanye West going to step up to the plate and make an honest woman out of Kim (Sarcasm).

I personally think that Kanye loves Kim but he’s not gonna put a ring on. He probably has some type of idea in his head, that marriage is overrated and unnecessary for his life. I’m sure Kim will be just like her sister Kourtney, fine with shacking up, have an untraditional family. Nothing is wrong with that, but I know Kim wanted the perfect family, the perfect marriage, and the perfect guy, unfortunately she got quite the opposite.

I’m dying to know what you guys feel on Kim & Kanye. So if you could answer the simply question.


Poll Do You Think Kanye’s Gonna Married Kim?


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