Poem | Have Black Women Lost Their Softness

Have black women lost their softness
I thought to myself
Have I forgot to be delicate and soft
How can I be something I was never taught
I was taught to be strong
I had to be strong
I HAVE to be strong
Can I be both strong and soft
My voice is soft
but it hardens when I have to yell,
Yell for my rights, yell for acceptance
or just to be liked.
I want to be soft with my heart
Reveal my feelings
but I yield at the thought
When you’re open you are weak
giving an open invitation for deceit
I want to be soft with my heart
But I am afraid
Afraid of being used
Afraid of being ridiculed
Afraid of being led to believe that people care
People don’t care
I’ll keep my feelings to myself
My exterior hard as a rock
my insides crumbling at the thought
the thought of being soft
My eyes were once soft
but they have seen too many things
so many tears
tears when facing my fears
tears when trying to keep up with my peers
My ears were once soft
but they have heard so many hard things
so many lies
lies that can ultimately lead to my demise
lies that led me to believe that I always have to be hard
lies that being soft is a weakness
lies that that I have to get out of my psyche
little black girl you have to be strong enough to know
that its ok to be weak
its ok to be soft
let your guard down
and just be.