Pictures | Brandon Jennings Proposes To Tae Heckard To Spite Teyana Taylor



Looks like Lashontae Heckard is getting the last laugh. Recently Teyana Taylor went on 104.5 The Breakfast Club to blast Tae Heckard as a bad friend, who broke girl code by dating her ex-fiancee Brandon Jennings. Teyana definitely painted Tae out to be an 36 year old woman scheming on a young baller, just to have a baby.

Honestly I can see where Teyana was coming from. Tae is a beautiful person. She seems to have a cool personality, very laid back. But Tae seems sneaky and willing to do whatever it takes to get what she wants. I can see Tae going behind Teyana’s back for love. After being played by Nelly for so long, I am sure she was ready to settle down. I younger naïve man is just what she needed.


From the looks of it on Instagram Brandon put a ring on it. The young basketball player uploaded the below picture with caption: You taught me so you know I had to do it to her. #Remember #Tuh

This was a clear shot at Teyana, who claimed she taught him everything he knows about relationships.