PICS & VIDEO | T.I. Tries To Protect Zonnique From Her Boyfriend Zoey


T.I. & Tiny: Family Hustle will be returning to VH1 soon. During the new season we’re going to see T.I. going through some drastic measures to keep an eye out on his eldest child, his stepdaughter, Zonnique Pullins.


Zonnique is growing up, the beauty has graduated high school and she’s also apart of a pretty popular girl group, The  OMGirlz. T.I. wants to do everything he can to keep the wrong guys away from her. I’m sure he remembers being her age, I think that’s around the time he had his fist son.



There were rumors that Zonnique was dating Rocko’s son Ramone. But she actually has a boyfriend named, Zoey.

Zoey much like T.I. seems to be a little bit of a bad boy. They say little girls are attracted to men like their dads so T.I. better watch out. Zoey seems like he could be a hand full.

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Checkout Zoey’s Music Video, He Wants To Be A Rapper.


UPDATE: Click here to read about Zonnique’s new boo!!!

Zonnique Damian

  • T.I. is too funny lol!
    • tameka cottle harris
      @meiqua yeah he can be funny but he’s just don’t want his daughter ya know be hurt and yes I don’t want my baby to be hurt either.
  • yazmar
    daddy T.I
    • tameka cottle harris
      @yazmar lol u too funny and I love my hubby guys
  • Coffy Brown
    He is a little cutie, but I would keep my eye out on him too! See when it comes to sons, as a parent you only have to worry about one “peter”, when it comes to the girls, you gotta think about all the little “peters”! But Zonnique seems to be a very grounded teenager with a good head on her shoulders! I don’t see her falling in line with statistics, she has more than T.I. did at her age, she is gonna be just fine with her gorgeous self, that little ninja betta sleep with one eye open
    • tameka cottle harris
      @coffty brown yeah she is a good daughter she’s not ya not bad and yes zonnique tells us if she having trouble with him and she got to move on with a different men.and t.I does keeps he’s eyes out if he think zonnique having trouble
  • tameka cottle harris
    Y’all need to leave my baby alone so what if she’s dating y’all worry about the wrong people let her date who she wants to date OK if some of y’all got a problem.and yes I’m the real Tameka cottle Harris I don’t need to prove u guys if I’m real. Am I just don’t have time to be putting up a pic of me. Follow me on twitter @tamekaharris instagram:tinymajormom follow my babbies twitter:@star_omg @beauty_omg @baby doll_omg_ then follow their instagram: @starquliaty @pinkinyinthebrain @my_dollhouse they don’t have fackbooks because,of fakes.well bye love u people
  • twanatells
    He is a cutie
  • Marie
    hi my Marie I am big fun so much just wish see Omggirlz one day I love all pictures videos music so much omggirlz look nice on stage saying sadinges I like Omggirlz so much I wish see OMggirlz One Day