Pick A Side | Gregg VS. Peter – Phaedra VS. Kenya – Nene Leakes VS. Porsha & Kandi


Last night’s episode of Real Housewives of Atlanta was an utter mess. Everyone was battling everyone and I think it’s because of the negative energy Kenya Moore put out from the start.


Gregg Leakes and Peter Thomas got into a heated argument over Peter snapping on Gregg’s wife, Nene Leakes. Gregg felt as though Peter was totally out of line for speaking to Nene in the manner he did. Peter explained that Nene got in his face and not the other way around. Peter also wanted to know why Gregg didn’t address the situation the night everything went down.

It did seem like Gregg had some pent up anger. Maybe Nene spoke to him in private about him not checking Peter the night of the spat. If Peter and Gregg would have fought, like really fist fighting, who do you think would have won? Comment below.




Kenya Moore and Phaedra Parks got into again. Basically Apollo was all in Kenya’s face even after Phaedra told him that she did not like him talking to her. Phaedra was pissed at both Apollo and Kenya, but it seems like she had a little more anger towards her arch enemy, Kenya.  The drama between these ladies is very real. I hate how everything went down, but someone is clearly in the wrong. Who do you think it is?




Nene Leakes called both Porsha Williams and Kandi Burruss ignorant for some of their comments. I don’t think Nene had a good reason to call Porsha or Kandi out. She is always picking on someone, then tries to turn around and act holier than thou.

Do you think Nene has fallen from grace by being messy this season or has she always been this messy?

  • cottenkandi
    This episode was a mess.
  • I saw those pillow talk episodes and I haven’t been back since.
  • Y@zmar
    Greg asked Peter “Do You want to live”….I was done after that…lol