Photos | Love & Hip Hop: Atlanta’s Erica Dixon Has A New Man


Instagram went crazy posting all kinds of nasty comments after Erica Dixon posted the below picture of a cake her “boo” had made for her.  Her new boyfriend name is apparently Oshead and he’s a model..cute.



People went in on Erica saying that she was never  in love with her ex-fiance Lil’ Scrappy. They asked her if she was on Love & Hip Hop: Atlanta just for the money, or if it was to make Scrappy look like a fool. Some people went as far as saying Momma Dee was right. People are so negative.



Erica and Scrappy just aren’t meant to be together. If this guy is the one, good for her. It seems like he likes her more than she likes him, becuase he has her posted all over his Instagram page.

Peep Oshead’s arched eyebrows though.. I guess there isn’t anything wrong with manscaping but he’s giving me DL tease.



Pics Via Instagram

  • KiaSoto
    look at his brows he is not into her becuz _______________
    Oh yes! I noticed the manscaping too. hmmmm “how you doin'”
  • Gumbumper
    Go head Erica
  • twanatells
    Why his eyebrows arched tho?????
  • Diva Whispers
    lmaooo…hopefully he just a neat dude..but wth were they watching? Did they not see how ignorant scrappy is and how he played Erica..she deserves better…people are stupid
  • yazmar
    Yessssss his eyebrows are arched to perfection…Not a good sign ladies. basically, he’s sat on several dicks
  • Good for her!