Photos | Delta’s Bash Fantasia For Posting Delta Sigma Theta Picture


People on social networks can be so mean. Recently Fantasia posted a picture of a member of the sorority Delta Sigma Theta. Fanny simply stated that she wishes she was apart of the organization. As innocent as that might have been a lot of people, including some members of the organization replied back with nasty remarks, equating to “you’re not worthy”. It’s actually very sad, I wonder why people bash each other so much, for no reason?



Fantasia posted the below picture after receiving major backlash. It reads:

“I posted up a picture of a Sister that is apart of such an Amazing Sisterhood. Some of the Women that are apart as well came on my page and commented ob the pic. I never meant to offend any of you. All I wanted you to know is that I Love how you Ladies Carry yourself and how you put the time in with others…picture down.”


  • MrsGrapevine
    This twitter thug nonsense gets on my last nerver. Not everything has to be taken to the extreme and out of context. Fantasia didn’t do anything wrong.
  • These people need to quit their shit and leave that girl alone!!!
  • KiaSoto
    leave that girl alone
  • DivaWhispers
    this internet people hiding behind their computer are getting on my fing nerves
  • Spilldabeanz
    Poor thang …they go in on Fantasia for everything …just leave the girl alone damn.
    Oh gosh! It’s not that serious!