Peter Gunz Breaks Down & Cries To Tara For Getting Amina Buddafly Pregnant


Love & Hip Hop: New York was a lot of drama this season. The reunion show was no different. More drama surfaced around the cast members and their crazy love lives. One of the biggest coonery moments of The Reunion Show: Part 2 was Amina Buddafly, Peter Gunz and Tara in their love triangle.

Peter admits that he is basically scum of the earth. He goes as far as saying he would have never married Amina if he knew that Tara still had strong feelings for him. Peter is a runner. His old a** just wants to dip and dabble in every chick’s pond, until he gets bored. Tara said some real ish when she said, Peter ran to an outlet to get away from his family and consequently he has made his outlet another environment that he will eventually run away from. This type of behavior is ridiculous. (How many MEN do you know, that does this same thing?)

Amina feels as though her relationship with Peter is special and different from his other relationships, because he married her. I honestly believe he only married her to keep her from being deported. He shows more respect for Tara (which isn’t saying much) than to Amina, his wife.

After being humiliated from Peter’s confession of his love for Tara, Amina pulled out the big guns, which was a positive pregnancy test. Peter was clearly angry. He was totally taking aback by Amina’s pregnancy announcement. He ran off the stage, only to return after Amina was escorted off stage, per his request. He then came out and apologized to Tara for hurting her. It was a heart felt apology equipped with tears hidden behind sunglasses.

 What were your thoughts on last night show?

  • Y@zmar
    Anything for $$, Peter Guns looks so so old
  • Peter Gunz must’ve hire a great acting coach to have pulled that one off. There’s no way Amina is preggers