Papa Leo Resurgence of R&B


A very talented singer, Papa Leo, also known as, Justin Paul brings a nice refreshing tone to the advancement of classic R&B. He has a lot of modern, smooth edge, R&B songs ready for listening on his Reverbnation website.  R&B has always been porous, even dominated by soul, gospel, and pop traits. Papa Leo sound is a mixture of soul, pop, and there is even a little hint of gospel in his voice. He eludes a sonically soothing sound. The production of his record is not too over the top, this makes it easy to just listen and vibe to his music.

If you are a fan of Tank, Boys II Men, or even Bryson Tiller, you’re going to adore Papa Leo.

Papa Leo’s ‘Buy My Love’ makes you want to bob your head. The content of the song is about the realness that you experience when you’re in a relationship just going through the notions. Sometimes it is not so easy to continue doing the things you did in the beginning, which can change the dynamic of a relationship and even cause resentment. But if the love is there, you should be able to make it work. Papa Leo starts off singing “Forgive me if I let you walk out the door and I don’t say I love you. It’s the true way that I feel.


Be on the lookup for his Debut single – ‘Angel‘ set to be released for purchase on June 16, 2017.  Angel can be that record that propels this artist. It not only sounds amazing but the lyrics are mesmerizing. He sings about a special person being his ‘Angel.’ The return of uplifting your woman instead of bashing is what I want to hear when I am listening to music.


We need to support our artist out here, especially the one’s that are bringing love songs back. I’m rocking with Papa Leo and I’m enjoying the positive vibes from his music.

Checkout his links:

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The Label-Paper City Records